Day 60 – 79: Heading Out Of Kent, Connecticut

Day 64 – Mile 535.4 heading to 549.0: Bromley Mountain Sunrise. Stayed up in the Bromley Mountain Ski Patrol Warming Hut last night!


Day 65 – Mile 559.5: Stratton Pond Shelter to Story Spring Shelter. Beautiful day with a foggy morning on Stratton Mountain followed by blue skies and hiking with great friends:)

Day 66 – Mile 576.9: Summited Glastenbury Mountain where many mysterious disappearances have taken place! We came off the mountain unscathed! This is called the “Bennington Triangle” because of these strange happenings –…/the-mystery-disappearances…/.

Melville Nauheim Shelter. Stopped off for a few cool views, laughter and food breaks and loud migrating Canadian Geese! Bennington, Vermont tomorrow for a shower and FOOD!

Catch up post! Day 69 – Snow day in the Seth Warner Shelter. Had many visitors come through and watched the rain turn to snow.


Day 70 – Heading for mile 603: First SNOW of the year! It is beautiful and cold and wet! Hiking into Williamstown, MA from Seth Warner Shelter.

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