Day 94: First Day in Pennsylvania

Day 94 – Mile 902.5: Had a look around Delaware Water Gap, PA this morning after staying the night at the Church of the Mountain Hiker Center! Met Dave from the church – it really is cool that they let AT hikers stay in the church bunkroom for a recommended donation of $3.

Had strawberry and rhubarb pie and ice cream for breakfast at the Village Farmer Bakery and then got an unexpected package from the Edge of the Woods Outfitters originally intended for Turbo. Turbo never got to pick up his package and Marci Kornegay let me know all its contents were fair game! Thanks Turbo for the awesome resupply!

Got back on trail, met a bunch of day hikers and then came across an unattended fire at a beautiful overlook just before the shelter. Sat by the fire, ate my dinner and put the fire out and now headed to the shelter for good sleep before a sunrise wake up call!

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