Day 143 – 144: Hitch into Robinsville, NC

Day 143 – Mile 1166.7 + 155.7: Sleeping Beauty had to take a nap in Stecoah Gap. A hitch into Robbinsville followed this, and then a trip to Microtel to print Smoky Mountains Permit, then a little free Microtel coffee and face wash, then a resupply trip to Ingles, then Marsha (random lady) picking me up to take me back to trail, but first to stop off at their house (the only White House we could see the previous night at sunset from Cheoah Bald) to meet her husband, followed by a drop off back at the trail, followed by a hike up Jacobs Ladder, followed by meeting Gypsey Bird, SunBeam, Pup, Green Ranger and Luka at the spring getting water, followed by getting to Cody Gap campsite, followed by Butterscotch making stewed apple/butterscotch/butter/sugar quesadillas on the campfire, followed by this post and 😴!! 
Day 144 – Nike 1166.7 + 165.3: Fontana Hilton Shelter is the launching pad into the Smoky Mountains! It has hot showers and solar chargers!! Met many more friends today – Pitbull, Gains, Wolf Girl, Ralph, Vic, and many more! Tomorrow is 100% chance of rain until 1pm so I shall be hitting up the breakfast buffet tomorrow morning at Fontana Village🥓☕️

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